Grassroots Gallery in Humeston, Iowa

I recently drove through Humeston, Iowa on a weekend jaunt to revisit some old family haunts.   Humeston is in Wayne County, Iowa. it is not a bustling town.   But southern Iowans are very friendly.  With our out of town license plate the first question we were greeted with was whether we were lost — a natural assumption I suppose. The second person I met asked me if I wanted to buy their Chevy roadster.  The first store we stopped in was an antique store. We usually don’t shop for antiques, but this appeared to be the only business on the east side of the town.  We were told that the town had a great cafe.  We stopped by and had an excellent lunch.  My wife and I had packed a lunch for the trip because the last time I ate at a restaurant in Wayne County (an even smaller town to the east) I ended up with food poisoning.  But after stepping in I could tell that this was a very different sort of cafe. The ingredients were first-rate and fresh and the service was very good.  So, if you happen to be driving through Humeston, Iowa, don’t pack a lunch. Stop by the Grassroots Gallery. 

Grassroots Cafe

Grassroots Cafe


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