What I plan on doing with this new blog

Well, first, I manage to get around to more than a few restaurants in the Des Moines area. So, I’ll post some “reviews” of them. I hesitate to call them reviews as I can be a bit irrational about what I think makes a good restaurant.  But I know what I like. Here are my favorites, along with some duds:

Mexican: Most Often Visited: Plaza Mexico; Best: Dos Rios (during the week only – service on weekends is iffy); Best Tamales: Tamale Industry.

Continental: Most Often Visited: Centro; Best: Lucca or Cafe di Scala; Best buzz: Centro; Best service: Django.

Pizza: Best: Bagnidi Lucca

American: Most Often Visited: Mojo’s on 86th; Best; Mojo’s on 86th.  Honorable Mention: Flying Mango; Most overrated: Trostel’s Greenbriar (wait staff fights are bad).

Asian: Best: Used to be Cafe Su (I’ve not tried the new iteration on Ingersoll);

Upcoming reviews:

Mojos on 86th


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