I really like Plaza Mexico

Everyone has a favorite local place to go when you get really hungry, but don’t want to either visit a fast food or chain restaurant or a pricey white tablecloth restaurant.  Mine is Plaza Mexico on 86th in Johnston. What makes it interesting is that along with the usual Mexican dishes, they also have a wide variety of other meals.  I’ve tried many, though not all (there must be 70 permutations in the menu).  My favorite is the burrito with skirt steak.  The skirt steak straight up is also very good if you know what skirt steak is — prime rib it is not. The service is the best I’ve ever seen this side of the El Paso.  The only Mexican place I’ve been that (maybe) beats it for service is the Montana Restaurant in Ciudad Juárez — and that is only because the Montana turns service into a high art with a Capitan de Meseros presiding over the wait staff from the center of the room. I’ve never seen anything quite like that. So, if you have a hankering for Mexican food try out Plaza Mexico.

You also get a free dessert. Most prices are in the $8.50 to $13 range. If you buy the more expensive Margarita, a taste test proved that you get a more expensive Tequila. So, go for it.

Plaza Mexico Dishes
Plaza Mexico Dishes

6110 NW 85th St.
Johnston, Iowa 50131

Plaza Mexico on Urbanspoon


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