Lindemans Bin 65 2009 Chardonnay

Sometimes you don’t

Lindemans 2009 Chardonnay Bin 65

Lindemans 2009 Chardonnay Bin 65

 choose the wine. It chooses you. This happened over Thanksgiving when an acquaintance of one of our family members was visiting and brought a bottle of Lindemans Bin 65 2009 Chardonnay. Normally I would not have chosen a Chardonnay to go along with turkey, stuffing, and all of the other dishes.  They can be a bit too buttery and you want something crisp and acidic to clean the palate (We also had a bottle of Snus Hill Seyval for that purpose).  But, I’d read somewhere that if a guest brings wine, by all means, pop it open and serve it while they are there!  It was all the more important to sample the wine as the guest indicated that it was what her parents favored and it reminded her of home.  Since she was thousands of miles from home, offering up her gift was all the more important.  So, on to the review.

It turns out that this was a fine wine to serve with a Thanksgiving meal. The wine was not one of those super buttery Chardonnays. The butter was present, though not overpowering.  Otherwise, it was a fairly mild wine with some citrous taste on the front end and a hint of oak mixed with the classic chardonnay butter on the back end.  This is an Australian product and I have kind of quit trying Austrailian wines after battling through some fairly rough reds  in the past. But I’ve never tried a white wine from Austrailia, so this was a pleasant surprise.  I looked up the price of the wine and it is about $8-$10 per bottle in most places.  For the price I can recommend it. It is a pleasant white wine and has no bad features.


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