Welcome “Our Man in Omaha” as a regular contributor to this Blog

Omaha is a great restaurant and entertainment town.  I don’t think I’d be out of line if I suggested that Omaha has a long history of steak houses only rivaled by Kansas City.  It has also overcome some poor civic development choices.  I felt terrible watching the wrecking balls tearing nearly all of the downtown core down during the late ’70s.  What went up in its place was antiseptic and downright antisocial.  It took nearly thirty years, but now much of downtown Omaha is now thriving with restaurants, bars, a nightlife, and a large assortment of interesting stores catering to a demographic not well served by Des Moines.  Omaha also has interesting pockets of very loyal neighborhoods with diners and coffee shops.

So, having our very own “Our Man in Omaha” to report on what is going on there and what is worth visiting is going to be exciting.  It is only two hours away and offers a nice diversion without hauling it all the way to Minneapolis, Kansas City, or Chicago.  Now, keep in mind that he travels in a very different crowd than I do. I’m just too old for some of those places.  I’m looking forward to more reports.


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