Dundee Dell’s fish and chips are great

My Scottish friend was delighted to learn that Omaha had a neighborhood named Dundee.  I think she’d be further delighted to discover the offerings of the Dundee Dell, a delightful bar in the heart of the neighborhood.  Although it styles itself as an Irish bar, complete with thick coats of green paint and dubious numbers of retro Guinness posters, it’s a common trope that I’m willing to forgive in the light of all the delicious food and drink that the Dell provides.

They say the Dell has the largest selection of scotch whisky in the world.  Indeed, the floor to ceiling stack of scotch bottles is quite impressive.  My friend speaks fondly of the rare Oban 14-year which I’ll have to try next time I’m there.  Luckily they do monthly scotch tastings just for this purpose.

Their classic pub food is also excellent.  Of particular note are the fish and chips.  I had some last night, along with a few glasses of New Belgium’s 2-Below.  They come in a paper bag much like they do from street vendors in the UK.  The fish is fried light and airy, with a delicious fluffy texture, while the chips are homemade fried potato slices – soft and hot.  Is there any better kind of pub food?  The answer is no, and I’ll have another 2-Below, thanks.

As a bonus, the building was fire-bombed by the Japanese in WWII.


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