Mojos on 86th — CLOSED 2012

Mojos on 86th.

Mojos on 86th.

I do enjoy my visits to Mojos. Whether it’s cocktails on the patio during a late summer evening or ensconsed in the private wine room with my family, I’ve never had a bad meal at Mojos. Eating out at a restaurant involves more than just food.  It also involves having a good time and fun conversation. A good place to eat out should be a place where you forget about the passage of time and get lost in the food, the talk, and the ambiance.  Mojos is that place for me. All of a sudden after a couple of hours you see that most of the other guests have left or are leaving and you have had a great time.  A great restaurant should also be a place where the wait staff knows when to stop by to check up on things and when to come back later.

And the food! The food needs to transport you, to let you taste something that you can’t duplicate.  I believe I have tried nearly entree on their menu and I have never been disappointed.  The grilled beef shoulder tender is a real treat if you (like me) love well-prepared beef.  What makes Mojo entrees special to me are the sauces, and the fact that the meats are not over-cooked, which is something that happens more often than not in busy kitchens.  But the sauces are complex, rich and full of flavor. I just really like them.

Drinks. I won’t get into the wine list as you can check it out online.  The cocktails I have ordered are always a delight, with the basic ingredients included in the list, so you don’t have to guess what a “Pecan Pie” is.

Entertainment. During the summer Mojos hosts a number of local jazz groups to entertain the folks on the patio.

Location: Mojos should be well known to residents of Johnston, Iowa but for everyone else it may be hard to find. It is tucked away in Foxboro Square at the corner of 86th and 62nd Avenue in Johnston, catty corner from the huge John Deere Credit Services headquarters.

Supporting local products.  Iowa is full of great local producers who put their heart into making great wine, meats, cheese, vegetables, and even mushrooms.  I do know that Mojos seeks out some of these producers and includes them in the preparation of their meals, including Snus Hill, Maytag Dairies, Northern Prairie Chevre (going out of business I hear), and Iowa Farm Families.

6163 NW 86th St.
Johnston, Iowa 50131

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