2007 Trader Joe’s Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve Alexander Valley

Trader Joe’s Cab

On a return trip to Trader Joe’s in West Des Moines, I was again drawn to the wine section like a moth to a flame. My hope is that I might be able to find a really good bottle of wine for less than it costs elsewhere.  I found that Trader Joe’s markets its own Cabernet Sauvignon on its own label.  Its only $10.  I thought to myself, “how bad could it be? It might be great.”  As they say, one never knows unless you try it. So, I bought a bottle to try. It is hard to find any cab that cheap.

After uncorking it, (it has a real cork) I decanted it and let it sit for a bit.  The smell of this wine is definitely fruity. That fruitiness continues as you tip it back for the first taste.  Dark fruits are also the first thing that you taste.  Unfortunately, it disappears rather quickly thereafter never to reappear–the fruit is simply elbowed out of the way by the tannins.    If anything, the tannins strengthen and make their presence known like a  trailer court mama pushing her way into Walmart on Black Friday. 
Wow. I don’t know what they did to make the tannins like this. Maybe it is the age of the wine. This is a 2007 after all.  Where did they put this stuff during the last two years? Perhaps someone kept it in the barrel too long, allowing an already tannic cab to soak up even more tannins from the oak.  I guess if a powerful tannin flavor is your thing then this might be a good wine to try. Otherwise, I can’t say that I recommend it, even at only $10. I added what remained of this bottle to the eternal cooking wine bottle in the fridge.  Well, I had good intentions, but if I hit a home run every time I tried to find a bargain then the fun would disappear.  If you want a bargain, two-(actually three) buck chuck has a better bang for the buck.  See yesterday’s review by OurManInOmaha who is quite taken by one of the wines: https://distilledopinion.wordpress.com/2010/12/13/charles-shaw-nouveau/

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