Lindemans Lambic Beer – Great Belgian “Holiday” beers

Lindemans Lambic

Lindemans Lambic

Lindemans makes fun Framboise (raspberry) and Pomme (apple) Lambic beers that are perfect for the holidays. The Framboise is bright red and develops a nice head. The beer is easy to knock back and has only a touch of alcohol. The raspberry Framboise fruity and straightforward. There is no question that this is a fruit beer. The apple “Pomme” Lambic is more like a cider, except that it is not as sweet. There is just a hint of a kick at the end. Neither of these beers have enough alcohol for me to feel anything. So, don’t expect to get a buzz.

Lindemans Lambic

Lindemans Lambic

A lambic beer is brewed using wild yeast and spontaneious fermentation. They are unique to certain areas of Belgium where the particular strains of yeast are naturally found. Expect a slightly different taste for any lambic beer. But the fruit taste in these two beers overwhelmed the unique lambic beer taste. Try an Orval for a real wild yeast-flavored beer. It is a unique taste.

These beers are widely available both separately and in multi-packs with special pilsner glasses.


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