Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw – Cabernet Sauvingon

Cabernet Sauvingon is the wine I usually turn to in the freezing depths of Nebraska winter.  To me, it’s warm, dark, and tannic.  And depending on the type, sometimes spicy like a Syrah.

I corked a 2009 Chuck’s Cabernet last night over a huge plate of shepherd’s pie – what better way to stave off the cold?  The shepherd’s pie was excellent, but I don’t think the two-buck-chuck held up its end very well.

Instead of a rich tannic wine, this Cabernet tends to sit high on the tongue.  It has a sharp, floral, grassy tang remarkably similar to the Nouveau.  It’s bright and bitter, but it does have that nice tannic tang which a cab should have.

Much like the Nouveau, this is not a bad wine by any means.  It has a scaffold of the classic cab flavor profile, but it comes off as young and underdeveloped.  It seems to me that age would treat this rather well.  All things told, I enjoyed it for what it was but it doesn’t sate my appetite for a dark, spicy, tannic, winter wine.


6 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw – Cabernet Sauvingon

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  2. I haven’t tried this wine in a long time. I used to tolerate it and the Merlot. Might have to try it again on a cold evening. How does it compare to something like Frontera?

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