Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw – Chardonnay


Unlike the other Charles Shaw wines I’ve tasted (Nouveau and the Cabernet), I’m unable to recommend the Chardonnay.  It’s not downright offensive, really, but besides a musty fruit and alcohol slurry, it lacks character and taste.  It’s not very fun to drink and neither does it have that buttery flavor typical of most cheap Chardonnay.  It’s better chilled, certainly, but I’d leave it for nights when the better stuff (like Franzia, in this case) has run out.


7 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw – Chardonnay

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  4. I’m actually on tether hooks for your 2010 merlot review. I love cabs and my budget doesn’t permit much exploration, but even being used to dining on the cheap I couldn’t drink theirs. Not even with cheese.

    • The two-buck chuck (actually a bit more now) Sauvignon blanc that I just picked up is actually a very good Sauvignon blanc. Of course its still a Sauvignon blanc, but this batch had a nice round flavor that is frequently missing from wines of that variety costing two and three times more.

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