Borsao Red Wine 2008


Borsao Red Wine

Campo de Borja’s 2008 Borsao Red Wine is a surprisingly delightful wine. The wine has very nice tannins and a round fruit taste that finishes well. Both are fairly strong, though neither overpowers the palate. It is high in alcohol and has some acid as well. it is not what I expected, actually, given the lower price point. I thought it would show some of the fermentation and handling problems that I’ve come to expect from southern Eurpeaon wines; but this wine can hold its own against a lot of wines costing twice as much. 14% alcohol and it is almost totally opaque, with long, long legs for those who care and a dark plum color. It is a blend of 75% Garnacha and 25% Tempranillo grapes. By the third glass the tannins get to be more powerful, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it never overpowers the fruit. In fact, the fruit and tannins are pretty well matched all the way through the bottle. This is on my “buy again” list — if I can figure out where I bought it.


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