Lucky Bucket IPA – Original American India Pale Ale

Lucky Bucket IPA

Lucky Bucket IPA

Just the thought of trying to describe Lucky Bucket’s new IPA beer using words is a daunting task. Lucky Bucket’s IPA is like no beer I’ve ever tasted. First, if you have any question at all what hops taste and smell like, then you need to try this beer, if only for the single purpose of teaching you forever what hops taste like. I am pretty sure after drinking this beer that if I were lost in the wilderness that I could find a hop bush after drinking this beer. The hops used in making this beer include Amarillo, Centellinal and Cascade. Lucky Bucket’s IPA is all about fresh hops. But it is more than just the hops you may remember tasting in some beers — a lot more. The first thing I noticed is that this is a fairly dark beer. It is not as dark as most dark ales, but it is also not an amber yellow beer as you can see in the photo. The beer has a nice foamy head. The second thing I noticed when tipping it back was a distinct aroma that can only be described as “herbaceous.” I was surprised by that. I’ve never smelled anything like that in a beer before. This is the essence of super fresh hops that I am sensing. These are not dried-out hop pellets I’m smelling, but real, fresh hops that are infused into the beer. Lucky Bucket points out in their website that they use actual fresh hops, not the pelletized hops that other breweries advertise. The floral aroma reminds me of the smell that floats up from our herb garden after thinning it in the middle of the summer. I don’t know how they bottle that in a beer, but there it is. Next comes the taste. While there is the classic bitterness that comes with hops, there is also more of that fresh garden green leafy flavor that comes through along with the malt base. This is a very powerful and even opinionated beer. As I said when I started this review I don’t think that words can be found that can adequately describe the taste or experience. If you like IPAs and hop-crazy beers, then you have to try this Lucky Bucket beer. If you don’t like IPAs because they are too bitter, then give this a try. Even with all of the hop flavor i was surprised to find that the beer was not as bitter as many others — the bitterness is really secondary to the aroma of fresh hops. If you don’t like IPAs because they are too hoppy, then this may not be your cup of beer.

Disclaimer: This bottle of Lucky Bucket IPA was provided by the good folks at Lucky Bucket at no cost to me.


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