Winneshiek Wildberry Winery Farmer’s Daughter Frontenec Gris Table Wine

Farmers Daughter Frontenac Gris

Farmers Daughter Frontenac Gris

The official name of this wine is a very long name if I add all of the information on the bottle: “Winneshiek Wildberry Winery Upper Mississippi River Valley Farmer’s Daughter Frontenec Gris Estate Bottled Table Wine.” The wine itself was purchased at the Winneshiek Wildberry Winery. We have visited the winery a couple of times. The first visit was shortly after it had gotten going and the wines still featured some juice that had been imported from New York State. Actually, their treatment of that wine was pretty good. The winery is now working with their own regional grapes. The Frontenac Gris is a mutation of the Frontenac that makes a white wine instead of the usual red wine. It is grown in the upper Midwest and is cold hardy. The wine we tried was peach or pink in color. It had a light, sweet, and fruity finish. Both of us thought that it had a sherry or brandy smell to it. it was low in tannins, had an oak flavor and aroma, and featured a bit of acid as well. The oak seemed to dissipate as we drained the bottle. The flavor was reminiscent of an ice wine, very pungunt, thought not in a bad way, just very flavorful and sweet. We tried just about all of the various wines made by this particular Iowa winery and both decided that this was the best of the lot. The standard red wine Frontenac was our least favorite. The wine was purchased in October of 2010 and we drank it in January of 2011.

UPDATE: I had no idea that the use of the term “Farmers Daughter” would generate so many hits. Some hack site is linking to my site thinking, I assume, that I am talking about some other sort of “Farmers Daughter.” Somewhere there is a p0rn site that features a bottle of Winneshiek Wildberry Frontenec Gris. For those souls (and there are many) who ended up at this site instead of what you were looking for, well, don’t blame me.


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