Local Chef Samuel Auen takes on the Des Moines Food Critics

Local chef Samuel Auen – @VegChefDSM – and blog writer has some words for local Food critics, especially those at Juice, Cityview, and the Des Moines Register. Somehow, the Star Bar gets pulled into the mix. I guess it goes with the territory that there might be some tension between local chefs and restaurant owners on the one hand and the critics whose pen (or keyboard) has the power to enrich or bankrupt them. Anyway, here is a link to the blog entry:
Locally Grown Classics: Critical Of The Critics/DSM’s Finest Complainers
Short version for twitter:


3 thoughts on “Local Chef Samuel Auen takes on the Des Moines Food Critics

  1. There is no animosity btw myself and Star Bar, in fact I worked for the owners of SB for a few years. The connection lies between the Datebook Diner and her insistence on comparing any bar/grill entity with Star Bar. Also, there is no (as far as I have heard in all my kitchen years) any animosity between chefs/restaurants because of REVIEWS. Those problems that do arise are generally due to personal issues between individuals.

  2. In a related note, the documentary “Mondovino” has a really interesting breakdown of how the reviews of famous wine critic Robert Parker have a deleterious effect on the wine industry. Essentially Parker has such overwrought and sweeping influence that his reviews will make or break a winery. Thus the world’s wineries make wine to appease the Master, a kind of Ouroboros system that churns out wine beholden to a single critic’s personal, subjective preferences.

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