The Daily Grub

I first went to the Daily Grub two years ago when it was a pop-up restaurant in an experimental commercial space called the “Empty Room” in the Slowdown complex. It began as a vegan and raw foods shop out of necessity: it’s hard to cook food when all you have is a sink. The Daily Grub has come a long way since its humble beginnings. The owner has a focus of vision that’s quite admirable, and it’s brought her through several iterations of the restaurant. After the Empty Room, they set up in a house in South Omaha, then they opened up at their current location. That won’t be the last: unfortunately Omaha’s sewer renovation will destroy the whole block, requiring them to move again. UPDATE: Just got word that Daily  Grub has no immediate plans to move. Great news!

The Daily Grub is by far my favorite lunch place in Omaha. It has wonderful casual fare and a comfortable, downscale atmosphere. Keep in mind I’m not a vegan or a vegetarian, but the Grub’s charms are not lost on me. Even if you only eat the rarest steak, fresh-cut from the quivering hide of a cow, I guarantee you’ll find something delicious at the Daily Grub.

A few selections from their menu will demonstrate:

  • A “meat”ball sub – nut based patties with mushrooms and onions topped with bell pepper tomato sauce on toasted baguette with a side of kettle chips.
  • Green Thai curry – spicy, coconut milk curry with cabbage, red pepper, onion and spinach on brown rice.
  • Ancho cashew cream, pinto and pear pico with red cabbage slaw and avocado crema.
  • Saffron yogurt with fruit nut granola.

The last time we were there I had the “meat”ball sub and my friend had the saffron yogurt granola. The Daily Grub does masterful sandwiches. The sourdough baguette is from a local Omaha bakery called the Bread Oven and is crunchy and delicious. The nut patties were savory and the red peppers and onions complemented it well.

The saffron yogurt granola was interesting. Quite good, and like nothing I’ve had before. I suspect it’s the saffron that gave it the high floral kick.

The Daily Grub’s menu changes frequently. Besides the usual vegetarian look-alike entrees (like the “meat”ball sub) they have lots of soups, sopes, desserts, home-made juices, and really excellent Cultiva coffee.

With the homey atmosphere and amazing local foods, The Daily Grub is quintessentially Omahan. You feel like you’re hanging out in the kitchen of a dear friend who loves to cook, and really, that’s what it is.


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