Frisian Farms Small Batch Gouda

Frisian Farms Cheese

Frisian Farms Cheese

If you have not tried Frisian Farms’ Gouda, and you enjoy cheese, then you owe yourself a favor. Find this cheese and enjoy it. The United States has a fairly poor reputation, well deserved I might add, for making unimaginative, boring, and “safe.” cheeses. Lately, small batch and specialty “artisan” cheesemakers have started making world-class cheese here in the States, and Iowa is now no exception. I no longer will have to smuggle the non-export good cheese out of the Netherlands as Frisian Farms makes a very authentic washed-rind cow’s milk farmstead cheese. This is an aged cheese, and they offer a number of different flavors as well. Try all of the different flavors and ages and pick your own favorite. You can get smoked Gouda and if you look for it you can also find Onion, Garlic Gouda or Provence Herb Gouda. I know that these special varieties are available through the Iowa Food Cooperative. See my entry describing the tremendous value and access to local foods that the Iowa Food Cooperative offers here: Blog Article I’m pretty sure I’ve tried most every cheese that they make and they are all good. Buy some now. You won’t be disappointed.

Buy your Frisian Farms Cheese here:


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