2006 Chateau Malbat Bordeaux

2006 Chateau Malbat Bordeaux

2006 Chateau Malbat Bordeaux

This 2006 Chateau Malbat Bordeaux is a relatively inexpensive French Bordeaux. I decided to buy it as I was curious what $15 got you in a French Bordeaux these days. After drinking a bottle I have to say that I’m not entirely sure. I note that although this bottle is marked as being 95% Merlot, it is definitely different than the average Merlot, lacking any of that Merlot fruitiness. It has a definite “funky” aroma when I first tipped it back for the first sip. I could not really taste any berries or fruit. It had that minerality I usually perceive in white wines. The over all body of the wine was fairly light. It was low in acid and low in alcohol. The color was brickish. I noticed from other reviews on the internet that the same vintage has different blends. You might have better luck with a bottle with a bit more Cabernet Sauvignon. Or maybe a different bottle of Bordeaux altogether.


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