South Omaha Restaurants

A big embarrassment for myself as an Omaha resident and food writer is that I haven’t been to many restaurants in South Omaha. I’ve only been to Louie M’s a few times, and I’ve only driven through the South O historic district once (which is especially shameful given that it’s on my daily commute). So I’m setting out to rectify this blind spot in my Omaha experience.

I suspect I share this blind spot with many other Omahans. Momentum does not favor the hidden local gems inside the ethnic neighborhoods, especially when big shiny restaurants and bars in the well-traveled areas are hyping themselves crazy with big marketing budgets and social media. I’ve only even heard of some of the North and South Omaha restaurants by word of mouth and thorough searches with Google Maps.

Included is an incomplete list of places I intend to explore. A few I’ve been to, but most will be new to me. If any reader has a suggestion, please let me know. It’s sometimes hard to find new places.

  • Louie M’s Burger Lust
  • Los Compayes
  • El Alamo
  • Guaca Maya
  • Taquiera Tijuana
  • Mother India
  • Johnny’s Cafe
  • The Bohemian Cafe
  • Piccolo’s
  • Joe Tess’ Place
  • Lao’s Thai Market

6 thoughts on “South Omaha Restaurants

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  2. You have to check out the deli counter at Jacobo’s grocery on 24th and L. They have the best salsas in the world. I believe they provide both tamales and corn tortillas to many of the mentioned local restaurants.

  3. Head over to Maria Bonita’s. They’re the sweetest family and the food is always tasty. They make all of the salsa and corn tortillas in house. My very favorite thing is tacos al pastor but I’m also very fond of their chile rellano with steak and cheese (as well as most things on the menu). If you’re not much for mole or haven’t had it before theirs is fairly bitter but that’s the way they do it in Mexico City I guess.

    Also, the Papusaria Rinconcito (unsure of the spelling) on 23rd and N is very very tasty. Papusas are $2 a pop and come with red sauce and Salvadorian cole slaw. They are on the appetizer menu. I don’t know where it is on the menu but I was told to order the plantains, beans, and sour cream too and man are they tasty. I think the plantains are pan-fried and possibly broiled but they are caramelized and just a touch crisp on the outside and delicious.

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