Iowa City’s Prairie Lights Bookstore Times Club Coffee

Prairie Lights Times Club

Prairie Lights Times Club

Iowa City may actually be more famous overseas for its Writers Workshop and the Prairie Lights Bookstore than the Hawkeyes. I know that is hard to believe, but it is true. Making the awesome selection of books even more interesting is the fact that there is a very nice cafe on the second floor, called “Times Club.” As expected of a cafe in a bookstore it is well lit, with books and magazines lining the walls. Every time I’ve been there it is busy. The first time I ordered a latte I had too much syrup to tell just how good the latte really was. It is hard to judge how will a barista can pull a shot if you add syrup. So, the next time I visited I ordered it straight up with just nonfat milk. I have to tell you, it was very well made, it came in a nice fat mug and the flavor was fantastic. I don’t know where they get their beans or if they roast them themselves, but this particular cup was great. I will buy some of their beans the next time I visit and see if I can get more information on their roaster.

Prairie Lights Latte


2 thoughts on “Iowa City’s Prairie Lights Bookstore Times Club Coffee

  1. Stumptown Coffee is actually from Portland, OR, but they do have a cafe in Manhattan as well. Portland was once known as “Stumptown” back in the early logging days of the city. But yes Stumptown Coffee is tops! Just had to point out the true origin as a proud Portlander and Iowan 🙂

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