The Diner Omaha

The Diner is another quintessential  standby of the Omaha Old Market. It has that goofy 1950’s roadside diner look, complete with shiny walls, a Wurlitzer, and wall-size posters of Marilyn Monroe. Some might say the 1950’s look is cliche and tacky. Of course it is, that’s the point! If you really want a side of hoity-toit with your eggs, cook breakfast yourself in your Ivory Tower (more seriously, you could try Le Peep, another great breakfast place which is tastefully, if less humorously, decorated).

The Diner is an incongruous building, nestled in between big red-brick warehouses. I think it adds to the quirky, cobbled-together feel of the Old Market. No samey strip-malls around here, and I like it that way.

Enjoy it while you can. Word is that the block was purchased by a developer and the cheapest Old Market diner will soon disappear. It’s a shame, given that their coffee is really good (even for a diner), and the greasy food is cheap and satisfying. Nothing especially stands out, but with a name that’s more definitive than descriptive, The Diner is essential, American, and classic. I’ll miss my weekend walks to The Diner, especially now that they’re open on Sundays.


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