Where’s the Best Burger in Omaha?

Trick question. Just about every burger joint claims they have the best burger in town and popular opinion is mixed. So I don’t think there’s a single “best burger” in Omaha. In this case burgers are like people: there are crappy ones and good ones (from what I can find, there’s no Jesus burger).

There are so many burger joints in Omaha that I doubt I’d get an equitable sampling if I ate nothing but grease, beef, and bread for the rest of my life, like I have the past week. That won’t stop me from trying, so here are a few local favorites that I’ve found.


You know they have the best burgers in Omaha because the blinky-light sign says so. Is it a true statement? Maybe. The ingredients aren’t the highest quality and isn’t a standout from the other burger joints. Still, it’s really solid pub food. There’s something to be said for a basic burger done well and in the classic American style (and fast). There’s nothing more quintessentially American than a neighborhood diner like Dinker’s. They could stand to have a better beer selection though.

Stella’s Hamburgers

Imagine Dinker’s, but much smaller and with a better selection of booze. I go here often for lunch, either by myself or with some friends. It’s a great little place that serves great burgers and some of the best onion rings I’ve had. There’s an enjoyable, quirky feel to Stella’s: your burger comes on a napkin cooked by a guy with a beard-net.

Louie M’s Burger Lust

Louie M’s is another fun South Omaha diner. It’s winter right now, so I won’t complain too much about the crappy out-of-season tomatoes (which I had everywhere – at least these were thawed). Instead I’ll just praise the top-notch onion rings and absurdly massive burgers. Seriously, bring your hollow leg and detachable jaw. They’re also really good, so you’ll have to scarf the entire thing.

Someday I might write about the several notable burger franchises that have recently opened in Omaha, but they tend to have established reputations and really don’t need my love (not that I won’t give it when deserved).


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