The Crescent Moon

If you live in Omaha and don’t know what the Crescent Moon is, you’re doing something wrong. It’s so much a part of the regional drinking culture that it becomes an unexamined phenomenon. Case in point: it’s taken 25 posts for me to get around to writing about it.

The Crescent Moon, together with the Huber Haus, Max and Joe’s, and Beertopia, are all called “Beer Corner USA.” Despite the rather silly title, it’s one of the best beer bars in Omaha, not to mention the Midwest. And this isn’t just my opinion – it’s routinely cited in a beer mags along with mythical beer-heavens in Chicago and KC.

The Moon has nightly specials like hot wings, sliders, and tacos, but I’d stick to the usual (and quite good) pub fare. My favorite is the Reuben sandwich, which some say was invented across the street at the old Blackstone Hotel.

The Huber Haus is done in the style of a German beer hall, complete with long communal tables and wood paneling. It’s locally famous for serving beer in gigantic glass boots imported from Germany (where else?). Getting a boot with a few friends is a great way to drink. Just don’t stand around shouting “Das Boot!” like some idiots do: “das boot” means “the boat” in German. You could stand around and shout “Das Schuh!”, but I doubt that would be much of an improvement. Just sit down and drink your beer like a damn adult.

Beer Corner does a number of excellent annual events. There’s Oktoberfest, of course, which is probably Omaha’s largest. For two nights every September they pack out the bars and the parking lot. They serve pretzels, schnitzel, weiners, along with huge trailers of beer kegs. It’s a really crazy event (for the Midwest).

Bockfest is another fun event. They server a few trailers of imported and regional bock and a big firepit used to heat fire pokers. The idea is that they’ll put a hot iron poker in your beer which will boil it and carmelize the sugars. I don’t know if there’s really anything to this, but it does impart a smoky, creamy taste.

While the Moon and friends are not my favorite bar in Omaha, they’re nonetheless a vital and dynamic force in the regional beer culture and I’m practically there every week anyway for some event or another.

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