Monihan’s Speakeasy Lounge – RENAMED Coda Lounge

Monihan’s Speakeasy Lounge is on the SE corner of the main floor of the Renaissance Savery at 4th and Locust in downtown Des Moines. The bar has an island layout with the booze kept on an overhead rack and behind the counter. The bar has a very limited selection of draft beers on tap but is well stocked for cocktails. The tap appears to be some sort of antique. Serving sizes are average as is the cost. The bartender had no problem keeping up with the twelve or so in the bar at the time.

The surroundings are very comfortable with upholstered chairs and tables along with the usual bar seating. The comfortable seating fits the need for a place for people to crash after a hard day traveling. It is also a destination for stage help staying at the hotel after a Civic Center show ends for the evening. The bartender that served us was very knowledgable and managed to make a standard Manhattan with bourbon with no problem.

Monihan's Speakeasy Lounge is supposedly named after some fellow who ran a gin speakeasy from a room on the third floor of the hotel from 1928 to 1932 when the place was busted for the last time.

Monihan's is one of the few upscale bars accessible to the Des Moines skywalk system now that Winstons and Azaleas are both closed, though I hear that a re-fashioned bar and restaurant in the old Azalea location will have a soft opening tonight. It is supposed to be more downscale, though the bar area is not undergoing any real change, which is fine since it had no issues to begin with.


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