Independent Iowa Food Blogs – Part 1

I thought I’d provide some links to some independent Iowa food blogs. I am calling this “Part 1” as I have another list I can’t get my hands on right now which has a bunch of other fine blogs. I am not listing (at least not in this posting) restaurants, professional writers, and blogs that have no active twitter feed or updated blog postings. This is not a review of these blogs. Enjoy.

Locally Grown
Food Related Commentary And Griping (Fo.Re.C.A.G) serving the Central Iowa Area. Obsessed with the Des Moines Register food critic.

Iowa Foodie
Grant and Amy have started a new blog to document their visits to a lot of local eating establishments. They have food industry experience and know what they are writing about. Lots of photos.

This blog has been running since 2008. Simple blog descriptions of local places and food, usually with pictures. Provides a quick snapshot of local restaurants in the Des Moines area.

Madison County food-obsessed blogger and twitterer. Blog has not been updated lately, but twitter feed is active.

Blog is active. It focuses more on recipies than local eateries.

Chef Hermans Food
Creation of Stephanie Jobst. Blog is very professional. Not recently updated.

Top 100 DSM Restaurants

Top 100 Des Moines Restaurants
Follow Jill as she eats and writes her way through 100 restaurants. Regularly updated. Lots of photos.


2 thoughts on “Independent Iowa Food Blogs – Part 1

  1. Thanks so much for the mention! Wondering if you could do me a little favor? Due to a series of events, I lost the domain “” and have since gone back to “” Wondering if you are able to change that in your post? I would be most grateful! Thanks, Herman

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