Des Moines’ Graziano Bros. Italian Foods – a Photo Essay

While completing my quest to try the old-line Des Moines Italian restaurants we had to stop by Graziano Bros. Italian Foods grocery store. It is just across the way from Tumea and Sons at 1601 South Union Street. Graziano’s is not a full-service grocery store. However, you will find more Italian cooking ingredients here than in even the largest full-line grocery store. Graziano’s has unique imported ingredients not available at most supermarkets as well as locally made pastas, sausage and bread. The prices are actually less than what you will pay at other grocery stores. Some history can be found on the Graziano Bros. website and in this Des Moines Register article. Rather than try to explain what you can find there, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Olive Oils



Meat and Cheese Counter


More Sausage

Stop by and stock up!


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