Q Consumables – South Omaha

I was mystified when my friend proclaimed we were going to “Q Consumables” for breakfast. First, I couldn’t understand what he was talking about. When I finally figured out it was the name of a restaurant, and not a warehouse on Q Street or something strange, I was further mystified when the Internet knew nothing about it (because I had the name wrong).

So we took a trip down south to find it, armed with an arcane piece of paper with (get this) hand-written directions. This was how people used to travel before Google Maps on cell phones? Unbelievable. So that you don’t have to suffer the same odious fate that I did, here’s a link to the unlisted Google Maps location.

Q Consumables is a delightful restaurant worth the adventure. Little Italy in South Omaha is one of my favorite neighborhoods and consistently surprises me with the number of great venues hidden away in old residential neighborhoods, just like Q is.

From what I could learn, the building has been some kind of bar or restaurant since the 30’s or 40’s, when it was an Italian restaurant. While remodeling, the owners of Q discovered an art-deco tile floor hidden away under layers and layers of carpet. Thankfully they’ve torn out all the carpet, proudly displaying the wonderful retro sunburst tile.

Through its rather bare website, Q Consumables styles itself as a contemporary American bistro which makes everything from scratch. Indeed, when I raved about Q to my friends, the chief complaint I heard was the long wait while they make everything from scratch (seriously, how has everyone else heard about this place except me?). When I was here for breakfast we didn’t have to wait long at all, likely because we were nearly the only ones there. More recently when I went here for lunch, I did have to wait a little too long for my liking, but I’m impatient and it certainly wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. I’ve waited longer for prepared frozen foods to hit my table at other restaurants.

In any case, the wait is worth it. Scratch-made food is hard to find, and while it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be good (case in point: it is an unmitigated disaster when I bake brownies from scratch, without exception), well made food from scratch is really good.

When we went there for breakfast, I had an Italian sausage omelet (pictured) and my friend had the “Morning Coma” which includes the staggering combination of: “buttermilk biscuits, 2 eggs, Q potatoes, sausage gravy & bacon” which definitely put him in a coma. For lunch I had the Monte Christo, a huge turkey and cheese French toast sandwich. The simple combination of sweet French toast and melted cheese and turkey was really terrific. My other dining companions really loved the steak burger and the corn dogs.

I’ve really enjoyed myself the last few times I’ve gone to Q. It has everything I love about diners (weird, quirky individualism and classic American food) plus better-than-average ingredients and scratch-made food. I’m glad I finally found the place, and I’ll be back rather often, I expect.

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