The event formerly known as “Martini Madness,” is April 1st at Zart.

I thought I’d do a plug for an event that seems to be really hard to find information for online. I have at least three names that I’ve come across. The first name is “Project Variety: Taste, Give, Inspire, Des Moines.” The second name is “KDC Built presents Project Variety.” The third name I’ve found on the Metromix website is: The Project Variety: Cocktail Showdown. This used to have the eminently memorable (and googleable) name “Martini Madness.” Evidently, some dispute over that name must have forced a change to the hydra-headed name change that I now find. I really don’t care what the name is were it not for the fact that Google cannot track a name with three verbs and it is especially hard to find something when you don’t know what it is really called. Hence, it is impossible to get the scoop on where this is and when it is taking place. Even the Des Moines Register had the date wrong last week. It sounds like fun, and it is for a good cause, so to help people find out about it I am breaking protocol and making a post that google can find before the event takes place and use some SEO tricks to get google to pull all of the websites together.

Come to the Martini Madness happening this Friday at Zart, 1312 Locust Street, Des Moines. Zart also has google issues as I had to find a typed reference to the website to find it. The site uses flash or some other unsearchable method and it does not appear to be known to google. The website for the event itself is here: Project Variety. The project will benefit Variety-The Children’s Charity & the at-risk, underprivileged & special needs children of Iowa. Some additional description of the event shows up here: Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau. Tickets cost $35 beforehand or $40 at the door.

Sample Signature Drinks and Appetizers from:
801 Steak and Chophouse
Cabaret West Glen
Cosmopolitan Lounge
Creme Cupcake
Firecreek Grill
Gino’s West Glen
Johnny’s Hall of Fame
Kirkwood Lounge
Mojos on 86th
PF Changs
Splash Seafood
Live music from The Snacks
Vote for your Favorite Mixed Drink


One thought on “The event formerly known as “Martini Madness,” is April 1st at Zart.

  1. Thanks for promoting this event. KDC is a sponsor for it. I appreciate your feedback of the promotion – or rather – the hard to locate promotion. A majority of the is organization is run by volunteers. It’s no secret that we could use volunteers that have social media/ web expertise. If you believe in the cause and have that knowledge, come join us! And help next year’s event be event better.

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