Allspice Culinarium – Culinary Herbs, Spices, Oils and Vinegars

The Allspice Culinarium in Des Moines’ East Village is a mecca for foodies who do their own cooking. Oils and Vinegars can be found in nearly every possible concoction and combination. Racks upon racks of spices, herbs, peppers, salts, chiles, mushrooms, and rubs are also available. The owner has done an amazing job of creating a store that does something so well that you wonder why it hasn’t been done before. The layouts, colors, designs, marketing, and products all share a common design theme that I would expect from a company a thousand times larger. I have seen one store in Europe that sold a variety of olive oils dispensed out of glass amphora but that euro-chain store cannot hold a candle to the selection and variety offered by Allspice Culinarium. If you value new tastes and flavors in your culinary creations then this is a mandatory destination. Rather than try to describe it, check out the website and some photos in this photo essay.


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