B&G Tasty Foods Omaha

B&G Tasty Foods is a neat little retro diner in west Omaha. They serve up mean “loose-meat” sandwiches and similar drive-in style lunch and dinner fare. It’s hard to describe the “BG”, their signature loose-meat burger. It’s a lot like the sloppy joes I grew up with, but not as sloppy. The meat is crumbly and well-seasoned and reminds me the most of the meat in a Kraut Pirok, colloquially known as a runza. Whatever the complicated etymology, I really love the BG’s at B&G’s. The bread is buttered hot and soft and the fries are well-seasoned and I couldn’t pass up a chocolate malt. All of this I bought for a criminally low price.

Unlike a lot of retro diners crammed with Elvis posters, B&G really has been in Omaha since the 50’s.The current owner even worked at the old location as a teenager. Overall the place is styled in a fun retro-kitsch without going overboard. They have number of rather ridiculous old Schwinn banana bikes lining the walls. It must be the truly prodigious collector to have found so many old bikes in such great condition.

I’m not in the area often, but B&G’s is my go-to spot for lunch or dinner. Fast, cheap, and delicious all around.


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