Bangkok Cuisine (Omaha)

There aren’t very many choices for Thai food in Omaha, which is not terribly surprising. However it is surprising that there are so many good choices, and Bangkok Cuisine is among the better options. Bangkok is the curious place with the bright yellow door in downtown Omaha. Behind that bold and silly door is one of my favorite downtown lunch spots. It’s owned and operated by a family who seems to never leave, and probably do all the work themselves.

They do it very well, too. Their Pad Thai, the benchmark of Thai cuisine, is superb, and I’ve never had a better Thai soup. The soup has coconut milk, cilantro, and delicious little straw mushrooms. It’s what I love best about Thai food: sweet, spicy, and different.

I cannot overstate my love for their Thai iced tea. In my heart, I know it’s mostly just some Lipton’s, creamer, and coconut milk, but when surrounded by Thai art and the proud portraits of Thailand’s monarchs it becomes something a little more.

Bangkok will not disappoint the casual and adventurous diner. Of the two authentic Thai-food-snobs I know, one gives his wholehearted, if begrudging, recommendation. So if you are also a Thai-food-snob and you don’t like Bangkok, blame that guy.

Bangkok Cuisine on Urbanspoon


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