Obama Cookies

Obama cookie

Obama cookie

When visiting the Baby Boomers Cafe in the East Village in Des Moines, I tried an “Obama Cookie.” I decided that this cookie merited its own blog entry. So, what is an “Obama Cookie?” It is a cookie that is made in the cake dough tradition. Don’t read too much into that description. It is not literally a cake dough cookie, I’m just trying to sort out the different kinds of dough. This cookie seems to have Shortening, white sugar, and lots of flour. In my opinion, the international standard for chocolate chip cookies is the original toll house recipe. (shortening, white sugar and more flour than a Toll-house style with lots of butter and brown sugar and not enough flour) but I’m not going to complain since that must be how Obama likes his cookies since he endorsed the cookie and politicians never tell lies. What do I think about the Obama cookie? Well, it looks good, though a discerning eye might notice that it is of the cake dough variety and thus it has more loft than real substance. Once you bite into the cookie you will indeed find that it is a bit disappointing if you are a Toll House Cookie aficionado like I am. Of course, people will buy an Obama cookie just because of the name.

As you can tell, I like my cookies. In fact, I think that cookies are the perfect food. I could eat nothing but cookies for the rest of my life were it not for the simple fact that this life of mine would be cut even shorter than it probably will be already by eating as many cookies as I do. A day without a cookie is just a below average day. A day with really good chocolate chip cookies is a great day. Anyway, Baby Boomer Obama cookies would not be at the very top of my list, but I would not turn them down.


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