El Aguila (Omaha)


El Aguila is a Mexican restaurant in the Vinton street neighborhood in South Omaha. It’s very accessible and Spanish is not required. They serve the usual course of Mexican food, along with some specials, like a fancy stuffed poblano pepper which I really wish I had. Instead I went with a tamale and tostados. Unfortunately the tamale was overcooked, but the tostado was good, with ingredients a step above what I usually see.

Where I found El Aguila to really shine, however, were the sopapillas and margaritas. I’m not sure what’s in the basic margarita mix, but it’s sweet and flavorful without being flaccid sugar-water. This is the best I can hope for short of scratch-made margaritas made with triple-sec, lime juice, and top-shelf tequila.

The sopapillas are roughly equivalent to eating a cloud, or perhaps a pillow made of brown sugar. It flakes away as you eat it, nearly to nothingness. When filled with honey, it becomes a crispy packet of sugary heaven. I love them.


I’m really looking forward to spending lazy summer afternoons on their expansive patio, with pitchers of good margaritas and great friends.


El Aguila
1837 Vinton Street
Omaha‎ NE‎ 68108
(402) 346-7667

Open 7 days a week, 11:00 am to 10:00 pm


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