Independent Iowa Food Blogs – Part 2

As promised, here is an update to my earlier blog on Independent Iowa Food Blogs. As before, I am always amazed by the range of blogs posting about food and restaurants in Iowa. I am not listing (or I am trying not to list) blogs run by restaurants, professional writers, and blogs that have no active twitter or blog entries. I am also not “reviewing” these blogs. I just want to give all of us blog writers as much exposure as possible.
A beautifully done blog with short, to-the-point descriptions of local restaurants. Lots of pictures.
A Xanga account! Well, it works and Jim Duncan is a prolific poster with lots of information and photographs. A must-check site if you are traveling around Iowa and looking for food.
no twitter found?
Your one-stop-blog for everything you would ever want to know about Iowa tenderloins and BBQ. A massive number of entries.
The Slaking Fool has long chatty entries with some pictures mostly about food, some here, some in other cities. His blog covers some of the same ground as locallygrown but without the extra helping of hilarious sarcasm. How he gets to where he wants eat without driving there is a mystery worth reading about. Hint: trains, buses, and walking are involved. Not driving is another attribute shared with @VegChefDSM.
This is a fairly new Des Moines food blog. Welcome!


3 thoughts on “Independent Iowa Food Blogs – Part 2

  1. Just checking, but you are aware that “Jim” from the foodiowa.xanga site is Cityview’s own Jim “Foodude” Duncan. Many of the articles there are expanded versions of his Cityview articles with more photos and info.

    Great guy and great stories.

    Also just became a fan of Slakingfool’s blog. He has some great info in there.

  2. Not a problem.

    The guy is awesome and really “gets” food and the people that make it and serve it to us.

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