M’s Pub (Omaha)

M’s Pub is the likely prototype that comes to mind when people think of upscale Old Market restaurants. This is for good reason: M’s Pub, in my mind, is a kind of benchmark restaurant. It’s not quite as fancy as the Boiler Room or the French Cafe, for example, but it holds its own as a fine dining establishment. It’s meanwhile more accessible than the fine-dining big-shots, and when I eat there it doesn’t feel like such a Serious Event.


As for the food, I’m honestly so in love with the lahvosh and the sandwiches that I haven’t had too much else (for shame, I know). The Thai lahvosh and the Iowa Grill and the Pub Favorite sandwiches are both splendid. I’ve heard from many that the daily specials are fantastic. I’ve never heard or read a negative word about the food at M’s, and neither have I had an unpleasant meal.


M’s Pub also happens to be one of the most consistently open and available restaurants in the Old Market. Because I live downtown, I’ve found this to be very useful when, while bored on a Sunday afternoon, famished, and totally uninspired to cook, I can walk over and have a seat at the bar at M’s. But as you might expect from such a well-rounded and generally excellent establishment, the place is packed on weekend-nights and reservations are a necessity.

Even for those that live a bit farther away, M’s Pub still strikes a good balance between being a cozy neighborhood pub and a great place for a Serious Event evening. The next time I go, I hope to overcome my nearly primal lust for their lahvosh and spring for one of the much-lauded specials.

M’s Pub
422 South 11th Street
Omaha, NE

Monday – Saturday: 11 a.m. – Midnight
Sunday: 5 – 11 p.m.


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