Peace Tree Brewing Imperial Stout

Peace Tree Brewing Imperial Stout

It has taken me awhile to get around to writing th is review of Peace Tree Brewing’s seasonal Imperial Stout. I don’t know if it can still be found anywhere, but I found my bottles at Gateway Market in April. As the picture shows, this is a rich, dark brew. the foam is not huge, but it sticks around for a bit. It was slightly more than one finger high and a dark khaki color. The label is a kick-ass copy of a prohibition-era medicinal liquor license. The beer itself is smooth, rich in flavor, and perfectly balanced, for a 10% alcohol malty stout. How to describe the flavor? It is not unlike other dark malt beers but the hops and malt are perfectly balanced and the feel on the tongue is like smooth cream. The bitterness is very mild and not cloying. The aroma is mostly malt but there is some spice and chocolate thrown in. I rank this beer as my number 1 Iowa beer right now. This is a tough-to-get beer. If you find some, be sure to grab it while it is still available.


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