Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market – Photo Essay

The massive crowd of humanity

There is no doubt that the Downtown Farmers Market has grown beyond all reasonable expectations. Just a few years ago the market was a fairly quiet affair with the vendors outnumbering shoppers on some days. Each year it has seemingly doubled in size. It is no longer a farmers market in the traditional sense of the term. It is now a weekly summer festival, complete with music, Bear and wolf-killing dogs on parade, and West Des Moines cougar packs all decked out in poofy hair, black outfits and slightly uncomfortable but stylish heels. I’m not sure what is more fearsome, the wolf-dogs or the cougar packs. I am still trying to get my head around the synergy that has developed with this event. It is as if the crowds are finally getting something that they have always wanted but which has long been denied. Exactly what that is that they have found, I’m not sure. I would like to think that it is the locally grown food, but as some other knowledgeable bloggers have pointed out, not all of the food is locally grown. Anyway, enough pontificating. I’ll leave the resolution of this conundrum to the marketing pros out there.

What the farmers market is supposed to be about - locally grown food.

Cleverley Farms - Where you can find real local food.


Iowa Aronia Berry Wine from Sawmill Hollow

Selling Iowa Aronia Berry Juice and Wine


Another Bosnian Food Vendor - Cooking with STYLE


Its a Tacopocalypse

Its a Tacopocalypse in the making

Tacopocalypse Prices.

Convocation of dogs all capable of killing bears and wolves.




3 thoughts on “Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market – Photo Essay

  1. Pretty sure the jar of slaw is from the El Salvadorian Papusa stand, nothing Bosnian about it.

    I could be wrong.

    The one Bosnian stand with the sweet red hats is Bosnian food, and it is pretty tasty. Really simple stuff, but cheap and good.

  2. Great summation & photos! We used to love the farmer’s market, but we haven’t been back in over a year after our last couple of experiences. We signed up for a CSA share just so we don’t have to deal with the crowd who mingles around, but doesn’t seem to buy much produce. There are so many beautiful things at the farmer’s market. I miss it, but I enjoy your photos of the event much more than I enjoy the parking and crowd situation.

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