St. John Brewers Beer

Today I am going to write about St. John Brewers and their beer. I recently tried both the Island Hopping IPA and the Liquid Sunshine.

The Island Hopping IPA is a somewhat darker beer (they describe it as “bright copper”) with a very nice aroma and flavor of hops. This is not a super hopped-up beer, which is good if all you are looking for is a classic IPA. When poured, it has a nice head which sticks around for a bit. The beer is wonderfully balanced with malt and has a great finish. ABV 6.2%, IBU: 40 It uses warrior, cascade, and Willamette hops.

The “Liquid Sunshine” is what really got me excited. This is a seasonal offering of Belgian style unfiltered wheat ale spiced with coriander and curacao orange peel. The beer has a medium head that dissipates fairly quickly. The color is like light honey and because the beer is not filtered, it is cloudy. This is an awesome beer. If I were shipwrecked on a deserted isle, I’d want a a lifetime supply of this beer with me. The coriander and curacao are not distinguished themselves and do not distract at all from the malt taste but lend a nice balance to this Belgian-style beer. This is a masterfully brewed beer. ABV: 5%


2 thoughts on “St. John Brewers Beer

  1. Where on the earth do you find St. John’s Brewers beers?! pray tell?….the liquid sunshine is my beer come true 🙂

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