Omaha Farmer’s Market Photo Essay

I was kind of stunned at the relative ferocity of the Des Moines Farmer’s Market, featured here by our man in Des Moines. The Omaha farmer’s markets are not quite the carnival, maybe because there are three throughout the city: one downtown, one in Aksarben Village, and one at Village Point. I’ve been to the Aksarben Village farmer’s market, which is nice, but not quite as large as the one in the Old Market, which is featured here.

the city finally opened the streets up for vendors

there's always a lot of asparagus early in the year

more bear-killing dogs


scone action shot

Several of the highlights of the Omaha farmer’s market, for me at least, are Eric’s Enchilada’s and the Parthenon. The smell of cooking tamales is the smell of summer, and the Parthenon’s scones are the best I’ve ever had: soft, buttery, and delicious.


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