Joseph’s Brau Summer Brew

All summer long I’ve been aimlessly searching the freezer aisles for a summer beer that’s hard to describe. Something light but not forgettable, a beer which is easy to pick up and put down. While I want something that doesn’t take itself very seriously, I really don’t feel like cheap beer this season. It seems like winter is the time for cheap beer in great quantities, and the leisure of summer lends itself more to the slow swilling of tolerable stuff instead.


Joseph’s Brau Summer Brew is perhaps just that beer. I found it on an end-case at Trader Joe’s, and it has, in my mind, eclipsed every other case of beer I’ve had this season in terms of the “perfect summer beer” I’ve been looking for. It is light and sweet, but with an upstanding hoppy foundation. It has the fizzy creaminess of wheat beer, but it’s not hollow and empty. It’s not perfect, but it’s refreshing and satisfying.

4.8%, 25 IBU


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