Kirkland Signature Premium Small-Batch Bourbon


Kirkland Signature 7-year Bourbon is something I picked up once at Costo while motivated by the usual greedy, fill-the-cart, holy-crap-this-stuff-is-cheap binge-pilgrimage that is my usual visit to Costco. Perhaps more accurately, rather than “picking it up”, I discovered the bottle in the Costco boxes after the red faded from my eyes. To make the best of the decision, I had a few glasses to cool the frenzy, gather my wits and write up my thoughts.

Even though this bourbon has Costco’s generic label, it’s produced from the same Kentucky distillery that makes Jim Beam. It’s advertised as “premium, small-batch” and is aged for 7 years. As you might expect from a big-box retailer, the bottle is nothing fancy and the “Kirkland Signature” label is garish. But enough graphic design criticism.

The nose is has a warm aroma with some spicy overtones. The taste is more spice, but tends to be a bit empty. The aftertaste was pleasant, and classicaly bourbon. Overall it’s pretty palatable stuff, but compared to the bold, sometimes outrageous Scotch that I enjoy, it’s not terribly interesting. While I enjoyed the straight snifter I had, I put a bit in a glass of ginger beer which was much more fun. As a mixer, it’s wonderfully smooth and has very little bite and a lot of great barrel-aged bourbony flavor.

$20 small-batch 7-year bourbon might be a great deal, but I don’t know if you’re getting much bang-for-buck. It’s true, the stuff makes excellent mixer, but much cheaper bourbon could be used for only a subtle degredation in taste quality. Still though, it’s $20 7-year bourbon, so… fill your cart?


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