Doozy’s (Downtown Omaha)


Downtown Omaha has a good number of small, humble, and delicious lunch spots to serve the hungry businessperson. Recently I’ve devoted my lunch breaks to exploring downtown Omaha with my stomach and my camera. I’ve already written about the Table Grace Cafe, but I have quite a few more places still to visit. Doozy’s is up next.


Doozy’s is prototypical of the classic lunch-only sandwich spot. Small and busy, with a harried cashier and fast food delivered to your table as the waiter yells your name. Like the decor, the food is nothing fancy. It’s down-to-earth, practical. It knows what it is: a hot sandwich on the cheap.


I really love their sandwiches. The cheese is baked right on the bread, and although the condiments aren’t terribly high-end, the basics are there: mustard, mayo, lettuce and tomato. A 7-inch sandwich was easily enough for me and lasted me the rest of the workday. And the 7-inch isn’t even the biggest. And the hot subs aren’t the only great thing on the menu, so I don’t doubt that Doozy’s will see more of me in the future.


316 S 16th and Farnam


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