Fighting the Crowd for Breakfast at La Mie Bakery in Des Moines

I finally made it to La Mie Bakery for a Saturday morning breakfast. I knew that La Mie was well-regarded for its bakery items and lunches, but I had no idea that it was so popular. The popularity of the place made me think I was in a Midtown Manhattan deli during the morning rush. La Mie definitely has a “big city” feel to the place. This isn’t bad, and even though the place was packed, the energy level had its good side. Lots of people crowding into a restaurant is a sign that there is some good food to be eaten.

I ordered my breakfast meal at the cash register, which was difficult due to the noise level, picked up my number and made my way back to find a place to sit. This proved to be difficult as for every diner who was just sitting down for a coffee and newspaper for a long chat with friends there were a half-dozen other diners hovering in the aisles with their number, endlessly circling the dining room looking for an empty spot, or sitting outside, hoping not to get soaked by a passing raincloud. I even saw some un-tabled diners asking some tabled diners if they were “about done” seeing how they were just sitting there talking. It is a bit disconcerting to try to enjoy a meal when you have a half-dozen hopeful diners watching your plate like vultures. There is no way I would sit there just to chat after my meal was over as I do not get any psychological pleasure from torturing others. Though popularity has its downside, this level of popularity is a good sign that the neighborhood really likes the food. And enjoying food is always a good thing.

Lets talk about the food. Even though this was my first visit, I have had lots of their bakery products as they sell them in a variety of outlets. The bakery products are always top-notch. We shared a cranberry scone which was delicate and tender (her description, not mine). My spouse tried the vegetable scramble. It was fantastic, a cross between scrambled eggs and an omelet. It featured sweet potatoes, spinach, asparagus, red onions, tomatoes and eggs, topped with half of a sliced avocado. The French Toast was made with real french toast and was topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries. I can understand why the place is popular.

La Mie is open for breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday.

La Mie Bakery
841 42ND ST.
P. 515-255-1625
Monday – Saturday 7AM – 4PM

La Mie Bakery and Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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