An Autumn Creamless Corn Chowder From Locally Sourced Producers

This is a great time of year. The final push is on at the local farmers markets to get the last and some of the best ingredients out the door and onto the tables. My wife cooked up this fantastic creamless corn chowder and managed to use mostly locally sourced ingredients. Here is a short list just to give you an idea of some of the great things that can be found locally here are some of the ingredients and producers:

Chipotle Bacon – Des Moines Bacon Company
Corn – Black’s Heritage Farm
Mini Potatoes – Huber Family Farm (these are like naturally-grown gnocchi!)
Yellow Bell Peppers and Onions – Miscl. Farmers Market Producers
Beef Stock – Homemade from Iowa Food Coop producer meats
Fresh Artisan Light Wheat Bread – Pies, Bread & Beyond (Adel)
Apples – Iowa Orchard (Urbandale)
Cilantro -From the herb garden


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