Devotay Restaurant and Bar – Iowa City tapas done right.

Devotay is a fantastic tapas restaurant in Iowa City, Iowa. I’ve been there twice now and both times it was fantastic. The menu is quite varied, but some in our party have been there numerous times and here are some recommendations:

$2 – One spear of Grilled beef with olives and blue cheese. The grilled beef has been marinated and cooked to perfection. These are not for sharing. Order one or two for each diner.
$8.50 – Bacon wrapped dates. You have not lived until you try this. It is so good I could cry every time I bite into one of those dates. The date is not only wrapped in bacon goodness, but it has a pimentón BBQ sauce glaze. Transporting.
$7 – Tortilla española. This is unlike any tortilla I’ve ever had. It is not a Mexican tortilla. It is, as the name says, a Spanish tortilla and is closer to an omelet or even a quiche. It features an almost custard or quiche-like filling and is served cold.
$9.50 – Market Cheeses. This is a good choice to round out a tapas meal, which by its nature can feature a lot of different flavors.
$8 – Hot and Cold Scallops. I’m always a sucker for scallops. These are served with a pistachio vinaigrette, orange saffron ceviche, and radishes. The scallops were juicy and scrumptious.

I’ve not tried even a third of the menu, but everything I’ve tried is great. I highly recommend Devotay to anyone looking for a classy upscale dining experience in Iowa City. In fact, when we have visited, the crowds seem to lean more toward the academic types – professors, graduate students and the like. This is not your typical Iowa City food venue with $2 pitchers of bud and onion rings. The mood is definitely candlelight and it can get rather dark.

Since we last visited, Devotay has installed a bar. In fact, I think that maybe our most recent visit was during the first week that the bar was open. I didn’t try anything, since we had just come from a wine tasting where the guests had knocked off about twenty bottles of wine, but it sure looks like a complete bar. I even saw a familiar face pull into the bar for the evening, so word must be out. It looks like a relaxed place to tip some back. I will try their craft cocktails the next time I visit and will update this entry with the results!

The website for Devotay is a fantastic resource for events and foods offered by Devotay and a lot more. Be sure to check it out. There is more information available on this website than 10 other restaurant websites put together. No, actually more information than 100 other restaurant websites. It is really worth checking out. It is obvious that Devotay is very active in the community and keeps an ear to the ground on what its patrons are interested in (hence the addition of the bar). It is also worth mentioning that Devotay has a benefit Sunday in which part of price of the meal goes to various community causes (and Iowa City does not lack for causes). So far, Devotay has raised $17,000 for the community.

Once again, Iowa City shows that although it may have lost capital city status to Des Moines, it is in the running to be the food capital of Iowa.

117 North Linn Street between Market and Jefferson
Mon-Thu 4-9
Fri-Sat 11-10

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