Flour Pizza – CLOSED 2012

We dropped by http://flourpizza.com/ the other day for a quick lunch. The weather was still nice, so we found a seat outside and enjoyed the lunch crowds making their way to and from the Meridith, Wellmark, and Nationwide offices while we waited for our meals. It is nice to see crowds walking on the sidewalk. Somehow, crowds in the skywalk just don’t do the same thing, but I can’t put my finger on why. The crowds in the Western Gateway remind me what downtown Des Moines was like before all of the big companies built their new digs ten blocks west.

Flour is another project by Carly Groben which lies just across the corner from her Proof at Locust and 13th. While munching on my pizza I even saw her cross the street to check on how things were working at Flour. Both of these enterprises are doing a good service providing upscale but affordable food for the working Western Gateway masses.

The place has much the same minimalist approach to dining as Proof, and for that matter Lucca, where Groben worked as the General Manager. This approach allows the focus to stay on the food, which is is always good. You order your food at the counter and get your number. Flour has different pizzas each day ($4 per slice), some salads ($5 or $8), and the option of ordering a meal with both a salad and pizza ($8). I also spotted some desserts — which looked yummy — but I stood fast and didn’t give them a try. I see from the website that the also serve sandwiches.

The food. I tried the BBQ chicken. It had a a thick but crispy crust. I’m not sure how to describe it. The crust is not a New York style pizza. I’d say it is closer to a Chicago style. Indeed, the cheese was very thick and was infused with a very tasty sweet sauce. I also tried a bit of the Buffalo chicken pizza. It had a hot chili kick and had as its cheeses an interesting mix — blue cheese sprinkles with cheddar cheese as the base. Both pizzas were fantastic.

A short word about the web page. The text on the menu page is pretty much impossible to read. Black on black shadows really does not work.

1220 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

Flour Pizza on Urbanspoon


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