2011 Iowa City First Annual Oktoberfest

Iowa City is moving its brewfest to the first day in October and calling it an Oktoberfest. Tickets must be purchased in advance. Regular tickets are $20 and available at John’s Grocery or at the website. The postings suggest that there are a limited number of tickets available. Brewmaster tastings tickets are $40. There will also be a soda fest.

The Oktoberfest will run from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on Saturday October 1st. The Brewfest portion will only run from 11 am to 4 pm! Check out the schedule.

Music will be provided by a seven bands, beginning at 10:30 after a kick-off by the Old Capitol Chorus at 10:00. The Beaker Brothers round up the bands at 7:30.

The Iowa City Oktoberfest has both non-beer festivities and beer-drinking. The brewfest portion of the festival will be in the Paglai’s parking lot at the corner of Linn and Bloomington. Check out the Facebook page for a better map of where the different activities will take place.

Facebook: Northside Oktoberfest

Website: http://northsideoktoberfest.com/

Map: Facebook2011 Iowa City Octoberfest


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