Jackson Street Tavern, Omaha

Jackson Street Tavern is a newish upscale restaurant and bar on the south side of the Omaha Old Market. The restaurant is an interesting blend of ideas: a sports bar plus an upscale lounge plus a wood-paneled smoking club. This odd equation results in a surprising and unique venue. At his most recent visit into Omaha, my impeccably perceptive blog partner Distilled Iowan pointed out that a couple can go there to watch a game and have a romantic dinner complete with candlelight and a pianist. The Jackson Street folks seem to be swinging for the fences and trying to draw out every demographic possible.

Not that they need to, in my opinion. The food can stand proudly on its own and is easily enough to draw me out. Add to this a creative martini menu and a fairly good tap selection, and Jackson Street is a solid choice.

It does seem like the venue could be improved slightly. More tap selections and fewer big-screens and Jackson Street might become one of my favorite pubs. But I’m sure any restauranteur knows how hard it is to break even without Bud Lite and football, and if that’s the entry fee for great food and drinks, then I suppose it must be paid.

The food really is great. My choice of the Rigatone Capone ($15) was far and away the envy of the table; a “Primo Pasta” with Italian sausage, chicken and a pomodoro sauce that enervated the dish, especially at the bottom of the bowl. My companions’ entrees were nothing to scoff at either. Distilled Opinion tried the Cioppino. This is a large bowl of shrimp, scallops, mussels and fish in a tamato-saffron broth. ($23). It was cooked properly and the meats were all tender and juicy. Their menu is a quality assortment of various nationalities and cuisines, and I’ve had nothing unpleasant.

Jackson Street is trying to fill a niche which at least in the UK, is often held by the neighborhood pub: a place with quite literally everything good required for a relaxing evening.

Jackson Street Tavern
1125 Jackson St. #3
Omaha NE 68102

Tuesday – Friday 11am – close
Saturday 9am – close
Sunday 10am – close


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