Moonrakers Gastropub opens in Iowa City

Saturday, October 1st was the opening date for Moonrakers, a new gastropub in Iowa City. Moonrakers sits above One Twenty Six, a French American bistro on Washington Street on the Ped Mall and in the heart of Iowa City.

Intrigued by the sign on a door that advertised a same-day opening, we walked up the stairs and checked it out. Although we had arrived too late to order any food (it was way past time to eat anyway), we sat down and enjoyed some Backpocket beer and cocktails. What we found was a spacious room with a small bar in one section, and a slightly smaller seating area and bar next door.

The beauty of Moonrakers is that it can utilize the wine list and the chefs at One Twenty Six downstairs, which shares ownership. In addition, Moonrakers offers 30 select beers, including Backpocket beer, which is worth trying. According to the Mathew, the owner, the food is all made by scratch by the chefs.

The menu for Moonrakers features nine starts, including Calimari, mussels, marianted olives, hummus Crostini, house-made potato chips, hand-cut fries, and an olive plate. There are also burgers and sandwiches. I will have to stop by the next time I am in Iowa City to sample the fish and chips and some of the hand-made starters.
The beer list includes some domestics, including the afore-mentioned Backpocket beer, and several beers each from Germany, England and Belgium.

If you are looking for a nice gastropub where the food is as important as the beer, then give Moonrakers a try. Let me know what you think. Mathew is brave to start a gastropub in the heart of Iowa City, which is well-known for its cheap pitcher beer and crowds of college kids, many of whom are exactly 21 years of age.

126 E Washington St
Iowa City, IA 52240
(Upstairs of One Twenty Six)
Enter door to the right of
One Twenty Six entrance


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