200th Post and First Year Anniversary of my Blog Distilled Opinion

This week marks the first anniversary of this blog. It has been a lot of fun getting out to explore a lot of different restaurants, events, and drinks.  If I had not started this blog I probably would not have visited more than half of the 50 or so different restaurants I visited during the last twelve months. Instead, I would have continued visiting the same old favorites.  I can say that I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of nearly all of those 50 different restaurants.  I intentionally try to visit and write about restaurants that are locally owned. I really appreciate the effort that they invest in running a business and creating wonderful meals. In fact, even though this is a mostly anonymous blog, you probably won’t find reviews of the places that have disapointed me (though I do sometimes damn with very faint praise those that come close to missing the mark).  Anyway, now that I have a year of data in the pot, I thought I’d share some interesting facts regarding this blog:


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